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Welcome to WellnessRX

Nancy Rothrock the founder of The Heart Shop, Let’s Get Healthy 4 You and most recently WellnessRx. Nancy is a Certified Weight Loss Consultant and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. She has also completed 51 credit hours toward a Nursing Degree. Nancy worked in the hospital setting for 27 years, where she assisted physicians in acute care as a Cardiovascular Technologist. Seventeen of those twenty-seven years she spent working for Medtronic, where she cared for patients with pacemakers and defibrillators and worked with physicians implanting these devices. Nancy also has served on the Board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and was on the advisory board of BBVA Bank.

Here is Nancy’s weight loss story: “My husband was 100 pounds overweight and faced with pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. He was told by his doctor he needed to do something or face a shorter life expectancy. This is where I swung into action. I had heard of a program ketogenic weight loss program, so I made our first consultation appointments and got us started together in efforts to help my husband. I, at the time, did not think I was overweight, but I was. I lost 48 pounds on the program and I no longer have to take my blood pressure medications. I cannot believe how much better I feel and the renewed energy I have now.

I would never have guessed I could be at my high school weight again. We were so impressed with our results (both weight loss and improved health) I started a small clinic in my husband’s cardiology office to help him help his patients. The success has been overwhelming and we have helped over 5000 patients lose their weight and taught them how they can maintain their results! I look forward every day to coming to work where I can help patients just like myself, leading them to better lifestyle habits and giving them back their youth.”

I now continue the Maintenance Phase of the WellnessRx program to maintain my ideal weight and my health and vitality!

My biggest challenge on the program was the negativity from family and friends who thought I didn’t need to lose weight. However after seeing the change in me – both physically & mentally- I have all their support now and they can truly see the benefits of my lifestyle choices. WellnessRx has changed my life dramatically and I see how it thoroughly impacts and improves our patient’s lives, both mentally and physically. My mother died at the young age of 56, as a result of health problems secondary to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight problems. In addition, I have also lost Uncles due to heart attacks and strokes and other family members of mine have had to undergo bypass surgery due to the same issues as my mother. Therefore, I am especially passionate and dedicated to helping patients with similar health conditions and challenges.

If I can help even one person live a happier, healthier, longer life, then I have made a world of difference. What can be more important or rewarding than that?”